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Our goal is to make sure that your credit history accurately reflects the events that took place on your accounts. It’s necessary that every detail be correct to best provide a true credit history for potential lenders inquiring about your credit. There are scenarios in which years have gone by without checking credit history, only to discover that fraudulent credit accounts have been activated without the owner's consent. This is typically done through different levels of identity theft and then opening accounts in that person’s name, using their social security number. When payments are not made on these accounts, resulting in default the negative impact becomes part of the credit history. Looking in the past will reveal the existence of these types of accounts and it is only then that they can be handled by us. This demonstrates the importance of having us staying updated with your credit history on a regular basis. Many wonder, how can I fix my credit history and remove bad credit history? We have the answer, call us today. Our company prides itself on discovering problems and errors in your credit history that must be fixed. We know exactly how to work to achieve a successful result that will have errors and fraudulent items in your credit history removed.

Does credit history fade? Your credit history is an important factor when applying for new credit and a crucial part of the credit equation determining eligibility. However, the older positive or negative occurrences get further back in history the less weight it holds in determining your credit rating. Typically, there’s a seven year revolving window of time that keeps moving as time passes. Keep the faith and start taking control of your credit so that your credit history stays positive. We make sure our to have carefully review through your credit history and have a full and clear understanding of the positives and any negative impacts. Every situation is different, no two people are alike so this process is an engaging interaction that helps people grasp the full extent and value of their credit history.

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The downside to have a negative credit history can affect things like the ability to be approved for a car loan or home loan. Creditors want to see a good history that demonstrates a bright financial future based on a clean past.

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